Classic Sounds Get Updated

The vast majority of wedding DJs just show up and run through the list of the Top 200 Requested Wedding Songs Of The Year.  We take pride in using our knowledge and flexibility to make every event uniquely tailored to the crowd in front of us at the moment.  

In this week's playlist series we take a look at some of our favorite secret (and not so secret) weapons when it comes to new/future soul, r&b, and funk.  These are tracks we use when moving between classic and modern styles, bridging the gap between various generations in a crowd.  Irresistible grooves like Kraak & Smaak's "Squeeze Me" and Pilooski's remix of Nina Simone's "Take Care Of Business" are the types of tracks where you, all of a sudden, find both baby boomers and millennials unified on a dance floor.   We're not going to lie... there's nothing we love seeing more than a grandmother breaking it down to Madcon's update of Frankie Vallie with a big glass of wine in her hand.

If your soul needs a little refreshing, just hit play... you can blame us someone catches you dancing by yourself.