We've spent countless hours of our lives listening to, dancing to, and playing Prince's music. The catalog of music he left behind, both released and unreleased, will continue to live out a life of it's own.  To mark the year anniversary of Prince's passing, we dedicate this week's playlist to his work.

In a time when most artists have more writers than songs on an album, Prince was a one man hit producing machine.  We've selected some of our favorite songs that he's written, inspired, or played on.

Everyone knows iconic anthems like "Let's Go Crazy,"  but there are also more than a few chart toppers that were written by Prince.  Sinead O'Connor's version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" was originally written for the Family, a little known Paisley Park release.  Stevie Knicks was inspired by "Little Corvette" when writing "Stand Back."  She called Prince to tell him and shortly there after he appeared in her studio, fired up the synthesizers, laid down instrumentals for the track in roughly 25 minutes, and promptly left.  Even The Bangles chart topper "Manic Monday" was sent to them by Prince as a demo recording.  

Along with the tracks written by or collaborated with Prince, we've also selected two extended dance remixes that we randomly heard one night in a frozen drink bar in Savannah.  The extended version of Little Red Corvette blew our minds with the most serendipitous groove at the 2min 42sec mark.